For Individuals

Everyone is different

We help young people of all ages: toddlers up to teenagers, with varying needs. Everyone who has followed our sleep advice has improved their sleep.

We also help adults to understand how restful sleep can be promoted and resolve insomnia. To fit in with your lifestyle and your priorities. Our approach has led to successful resolution of long term sleep problems.

Our Professionals, Your Goals

Our team includes expertly qualified sleep professionals, so you can be assured that your sleep difficulty will be thoroughly and safely resolved. We are friendly and approachable and really understand the importance of sleep. We will agree on your goals and give you ongoing support to get there, including sleep programmes. We work with what’s important to you to fit with your lifestyle. The methods we use are kind, gentle, and reliable, backed up by the latest research.

Sleep across the lifespan

Preschoolers: by this time sleep routines should be established, get in touch if not.
School age children: sleep varies a lot at this age, discuss sleep problems with us.
Teens: are most likely to be fatigued due to their shifting sleep pattern, we can help move shifted sleep cycles.
Adults: insomnia can happen to anyone once you address the factors that prolong it sleep improves.
Older people: sleep becomes more fragmented naturally, apply the methods to get the sleep you want

One hour consultation with a Sleep Consultant


This takes place either over the phone or over a secure video link. It is helpful to have a fortnight’s sleep diary ready to discuss.


This is an initial 60 minute assessment appointment. We will ask you to fill in a questionnaire to help understand your problem and your concerns. We will explain to you what we believe to be the cause of the sleeplessness and the best way forward. We will send you a report detailing our discussion, which is yours to use as you wish.

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Sleep package


This is the most successful sleep package we offer to resolve sleep difficulties, now and in the future. We will discuss with you what level of support you require. You can expect a consultation over the phone, a personalised report including an assessment of sleep disturbance. We will support you to achieve results. Your service can be tailored completely to individual need, at a time to suit you. Contact us for further details.

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Sleep diary
We can provide you with an age appropriate sleep diary which you can use to examine your sleep patterns and it will give you an insight into what a good night’s sleep looks like. Having a good picture of what’s going on will help to get to a successful conclusion.
Sleep Package in detail
Individual sessions, face to face are currently available as phone and digital support. Hunrosa will work with you and your goals:

• Provide a full report and recommendations
• Measure sleep disturbance and well-being
• Provide ongoing sleep programme support
• Provide insight into what a good night’s sleep should look like
• Our methods are supported by research

What People Say About Us

By following our advice, even people with complex health needs have resolved their sleeplessness. We also have expertise in treating those with neuro-developmental conditions.
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