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Business responsibilities have never been greater, and business is facing a immense challenge in the years ahead. Adequate sleep improves performance, productivity and creativity.  It ensures your employees are operating at the best as they can possibly be. Sleep reduces the level of staff sickness. Under-slept staff don’t make good decisions and may not be great to work with…

Government requires businesses to encourage good mental health in their employees. If your company is struggling with employee well-being then a Sleep Analysis could help!

We also provide employee well-being sessions, which examine:

•  Current thinking about sleep

•  The impact of sleeplessness

•  How to improve poor sleep

•  Sleep, anxiety and stress

•  What to do with daytime sleeplessness

•  What to do if you’ve got a sleep problem

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Hunrosa is part of the British Sleep Society and is a member of the World Sleep Society.

The service receives regular oversight from a professional body. Hunrosa runs to the highest possible standards and incorporates the latest research findings about sleep. Trusted by the NHS.

We are trained in the use of CBT-I which is an extremely effective therapy for insomnia, an approach which does not rely on medication to achieve results.