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Sleep Right for schools


Sleep is soon to be part of RHSE curriculum and Hunrosa is already developing schools ready to meet the challenge. Sleeplessness in the case of young people can create behavioural problems and impact learning as well as mental and physical health. Sleep disorders can be linked to children who have a diagnosis of autism or ADHD. After lockdown, sleeplessness has increased.

Hunrosa’ s training has been developed with the National Association of Special Schools and partner schools. It is practical and relevant to school life. Get Sleep Right status for your school and be equipped to train other school staff!

Sleep Right training will equip schools and colleges:


•  Current evidence about sleep

•  The impact of sleeplessness

•  How to improve poor sleep, with a specific focus on sleep and behaviour

•  Sleep and certain medical conditions

•  Sleep and anxiety

•  Where to take a sleep problem

•  Everyday approaches to sleep problems

•  How to talk to parents

•  Covid-19 and sleeplessness

• Ongoing resources for reference

Accredited Training, both face-to-face and online. A staff well-being session to about sleeplessness is also available. 

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Classroom Sessions


A session to fit into the school timetable, with resources at an age appropriate level. To follow the recommendations of the National Curriculum.

Topics considered:

•  The science behind sleep

•  Who’s sleeping and who’s not?

•  Why sleep is important

•  How to get the sleep you need

•  How to get a good sleep environment and routine

•  Sleep, school and exams

• Anxiety and shifts in sleep need

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Sleep Wise parent sessions


“It was so full of information but also very engaging.  I have been on a number of courses to help my son and many I have come away from having not gained very much. This course was by far the total opposite “

Parent information sessions can be offered at times that are convenient to parents including weekends and evenings. These sessions will include:

•  Why sleep is important

•  How lack of sleep affects you

•  What you can do to help

•  How to promote restful sleep

•  Sleep for additional needs

•  When to seek help and how to get help

Currently delivered by webinar, two slots of 40mins

Each participant can talk separately about the sleep issue, discuss a sleep diary and develop a sleep plan

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What the students, teachers and parents say about our training